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HPME SA est une filiale du Groupe Hi-Pay, fondée en 2015 et cotée sur Euronext Paris sous le code ISIN FR0012821916
Social Denomination: HI-Pay Porte-Monnaie Électronique SA
Number of registration with the trade register: 0897928802
Capital: 54.826.000 Euros
Headquarters: 19 avenue des volontaires, 1160 Auderghem - Belgium
Contact (Belgique) : + 32 (0) 2 213 07 74
Fax (Belgium): +32 (0) 2 401 40 97
Email :

Hosted by: SECR (Société Européenne de Conseil et Réalisation)

HPME Inspection and monitoring: HPME is an electronic money issuing establishment approved by the Banking, Financial and Insurances Commission (CBFA) - Belgium - in dated the December, 9 2008.. Under article 65 of the law of the 22nd March 1993 concerning the status and control of credit establishments, HPME is authorized to offer its HiPay direct service in Belgium as well as in France. The activity of HPME has been declared to the Committee of Credit Establishments and Investment Companies (CECEI) and to the Banking commission.

HPME is subject to verification and monitoring by the NBB (ex CBFA).


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The services offered on the HiPay direct website are not available in all countries and may also, in certain cases, be subject to prior approval by HPME after verification of the documents required during the request to open a HiPay direct account.
The Internet user who accesses, visits or uses the HiPay direct website is alone responsible for using the information available on the website. As the HiPay direct website can be viewed from anywhere in the World, the user is responsible for checking that the law of the country in which they live and/or from which they view the present site allows them to subscribe to the services offered on the website, otherwise they must refrain from using the HiPay direct website.


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The user and/or any third party at HPME recognizes that the HiPay direct website and its components (and in particular the texts, images, software, films) and more general the "HiPay system" (and in particular all the software systems and databases) constituting the works protected by intellectual property rights (among others, the author's rights and related rights, the "sui generis" protection of databases, brand name and/or drawing and model rights) are held or claimed by HPME, the Hi-Media group or third parties.

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Personal data

HPME complies with all applicable provisions as regards data protection and in particular the law of December, 8 1992 related to data protection with regard to the processing of personal data (Data Protection Act). In compliance with the law, HPME has declared its data processing tasks operating on personal data with the Commission for Data Protection (CPVP). (CPVP).

HPME is responsible for processing data collected via this website. Whether you are a simple visitor or user of the website, you accept that HPME or its associated companies record and process the personal data collected on this website in compliance with HPME's data protection policy (Article 19 or the General Conditions of Use).

When Users visit the HiPay direct site, HPME only keeps information that the user voluntarily supplies together with their IP address.

You have the right to access, rectify and dispute/delete data that concern you, to freely exercise one of these rights, you should send your request to the company HPME by e-mail to the following or by mail to the following address: or by mail to the following address: Hipay - Société HPME/Groupe Hi-Media Customer Service Seed Factory 19 Avenue des Volontaires 1160, Bruxelles – BELGIUM

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