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"Accept payments
in France and internationaly"
on your website starting now.

Up to
+0,25€ on each transaction
Up to 0,9% + 0,25€ on each transaction.

Start accepting online payments within minutes

HiPay Direct is THE solution to start an e-commerce activity within minutes. After a simple registration, HiPay Direct allows you to receive your first payments by cards.

Local and international

Increase your conversion rate with HiPay Direct local payment solutions. 15 local solutions so you don't miss a transaction anymore.

No need for a VAD contract

HiPay Direct make the administrative tasks easier, giving you direct connections to the financial institutions.

Monitoring interface

With HiPay Direct, you have access to an intuitive and ergonomic interface to monitor your activity in real time. Reports, fraud management, settings; everything is available in just a few clicks.


HiPay Direct help merchants and their customers. Our team is available by e-mail and by phone to answer your questions or your customers'.

Access to your funds

A valid and completed profil is the guaranty to withdraw funds quickly to your bank account.

Monthly volume French flow
CB, VISA, MasterCard
European flow
VISA/ MasterCard
World flow
VISA/ MasterCard
From 0 to 2500 € 2,5% 2,90% 3,20%
From 2500€ to 20 000€ 1,60% 2,50% 2,50%
From 20 000€ to 50 000€ 1,40% 2,00% 2,30%
More than 50 000€ 0,90% 1,50% 2,00%

Monthly volume Bancontact ING Home'Pay, KBC/CBC, Sofort, Giropay, Belfius iDEAL Multibanco / Payshop
From 0 to 2500 € 2,5% 3% No variable cost 2,20%
From 2500€ to 20 000€ 1,6% 2,3% No variable cost 2,05%
From 20 000€ to 50 000€ 1,4% 1,9% No variable cost 2,00%
More than 50 000€ 0,9% 1,5% No variable cost 1,90%

Fixed cost : +0,25€ on each transaction
Except for iDeal: +0,79€ on each transaction

HiPay Direct - API
HiPay Direct offers the possibility to receive your first payments very quickly.
Wether you want to use our payment pages, plug in our solution to an existing e-commerce solution, or develop everything on your own, we have the solution to match your needs. API documentation, assistance by phone or e-mail, we make all necessary effort so your integration is as easy as possible.

HiPay Direct is totally opened to improvements and optimizations. We are developers like you and we like practical and easy tools !

12 000
use HiPay
from 20 EUR monthly turnover to millions
HiPay is the best solution for everyone
HiPay Direct is a solution from HiPay, european leader in online payment with more than 120 millions transactions in 2013.

HiPay Direct has more than 12 years expertise in online monetization. Through its payment subsidiary, HiMedia group has already proven its worth on micro-payment with its solution Allopass. In 2009, the group has negociated the winding route of electronic payment with the creation of its e-wallet HiPay Wallet available for all online merchants and customers. In 2013, HiPay increased its strength in e-commerce with the launch of HiPay Fullservice, designed for well established merchants.